Letter from Basma

Welcome to my museum, carved out of a dream. I have been a lover of art for as long as I can remember, and the instinct to collect was intrinsic to my character since the very early days. After building a small collection, I began to realize that I wanted to share it with everyone but this seemed to be an impossible ideal. Overcoming physical distance and cultural boundaries, being globally accessible to people with just one click of the mouse seemed to be an impossible dream.  This concept of bringing people together in an inclusive arts arena was so persistent that I could not stop exploring possibilities; how could I harness the on-line tools available to provide a destination for people to come to look at contemporary art?

We are very fortunate to live in a time when modern technology can realize such dreams and I am pleased to present BASMOCA, one of the first museums of its kind.

BASMOCA is virtual but with a true life experience derived from the fact that the collection is real. It is an entirely interactive experience, quite different from looking at photographs of the work, and you can explore the world of BASMOCA in the knowledge that everything you see exists in concrete form, as part of an ever-expanding collection.

Now let’s go on our journey of art exploration!


Contact Information

    P.O. BOX, 50529
    21533 Jeddah
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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